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Developer. Enthusiast. Perfectionist.


I am a self-taught, self-sufficient, motivated Web Developer. I strive to deliver the best quality, efficient and modern code possible.

Attention to detail is my greatest professional concern, without it my work would just be average. I take great care in writing clean and readable, high quality code as the presentation of my work is the legacy which I leave.

My favourite part of the work is dealing with the UX, although every other part is just as important. I prioritise visual perfection and user friendliness – with a simple test to judge if it is good enough: Would I like working with it as an end user?

I feel at ease working in either a team environment or alone. Being a self-taught developer also means that I am at the stage in my career where I feel it necessary to "pay it forward" and help mentor junior developers.

I have more than ten years experience in the software development industry and although I have no formal tertiary education, I believe that my practical experience has been an education of its own. This should stand me in good stead to complete any project successfully.


These are just some of my mad skills.


SQL Server








Azure Cloud Hosting

Unit Testing

Amature Astronomy


Education is important. It is always ongoing for me, formally and informally.

Richards Bay Afrikaans Highschool

Grade 12 - Graduated:  2002

Passed with exemption


K2 Blackpearl Core - Graduated:  2014

Microsoft Certified Developer C# - Graduated:  2014

Recent Experience

With 11+ years of experience, I'll get the job done.

First try at freelancing

Fullstack developer (Aug 2018 - Current)

On the first day of March 2018 a new chapter in my life started when my family and I landed on US soil. My wife was transferred here since she is just that awesome.

After a 4 month wait to obtain my work permit (my wife already had hers, so I played daddy daycare in the interim), I started a position at oneppager.com as a Senior Frontend Developer in August 2018.

This is a remote contract position with the following responsibilities:

  • Redesign/Rearchitect the current OnePager Live site. (Cloud version of OnePager's desktop product, still in development.)
  • Enhancing current code/Add new features
  • Ensure test coverage of any new features/bugs

Technologies involved are:

  • .Net Core 2
  • WebAPI 2
  • C#
  • React-Redux
  • SASS
  • Webpack
  • Babel


Lead Developer (May 2017 - May 2018)

forgood.co.za is a consumer driven website, providing a platform for ordinary citizens to make a difference to those in need.

This can be achieved by supporting the needs of causes through donations of their time-, money- and/or expertise.

forgood.co.za has the largest up to date database of causes in South Africa and numerous corporates look to us to fulfill their CSI resposibilities. Noteworthy examples being Discovery Health and FNB's philanthropy division.

As the lead developer, some of my responsibilities include :

  • Ensuring code quality and system stability
  • Architecting new features
  • Hiring & mentoring new developers
  • Instilling the values & practices of Code Craftsmanship

Technologies involved were:

  • WebAPI 2
  • Aurelia.js
  • jQuery
  • C#
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft CosmosDB


Senior Developer (Aug 2015 - April 2017)

At Investec I gott to be involved in the wonderful world of Anti Money Laundering (AML).

The main weapon used against criminals, terrorists and unscrupulous politicians is a product called Nice Actimize. However, talking about how it works and exactly what it does is againts the rules.

Other than AML, I was also tasked at helping maintain our 3rd party products and the supporting custom software they need.

At Investec, I was also been very lucky to have a former developer as a manager. He was instrumental at introducing me to the concept of Software Craftsmanship. Other than the fact that I have always been applying the concepts of Software Craftsmanship, at least subconsciously, it has been great to formalize my own philosophy regarding the code I write.

I was also heavily involved in shaping the future of my team's development path in terms of the tools and technology stacks we were to use. This included leading the way in terms of Node.js adoption and various options this enabled us to unlock.


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